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There are downdrade options avalible to server 2019

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Why Do You Need Server Support?

“Cloud or OnPremise Servers are the lifeblood of any business. This is where your critical information is stored and access is configured to a safe, secure and stable network. As a result, your entire business is affected when you experience an issue with your server. Data loss and downtime are common results of server and workstation issues.

The problem is that an unprotected and unsupported servers should be a business owner’s worst nightmare, and often the owner doesn’t know or is paralyzed as to what to do. That’s why we recommend server support! Having a Server Support system on hand ensures that your computer network systems are operating efficiently and reliably. If your server goes down, your whole network is affected, from the daily operation of your business to your private and necessary data and information. That’s why it is critical to keep your servers and workstations up and your networks safe.”

Stay updated with microsoft server time lines

Experience the new server 2022.

Over the last few years Microsoft servers have been updating. With the release of new desktop operating systems comes a new version of the server. The road maps from Microsoft are as below. Servers that are up to date are far more secure than older servers. The things to look for are the age of hardware and the operating system. (5 years is classed as very old)


One step ahead

Determine the state of your server with the evaluation tools. We can also do this for you. Just contact us.



All our Server solutions are fully installed and tested. We will work with any 3rd party software vendors to complete the upgrade.


Time line

Once the quote is accepted, we will generate a timeline and endeavour to perform the upgrade with as little downtime to the business as possible.

New Servers Offer stability with software and hardware-enforced security as default.

Stay safe, secure and efficient.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

One-Stop I.T. Solution Provider

Our main focus is server upgrades. We also supply all I.T. equipment like Internet, VoIP Phone systems, Printers, I.T. Hardware, Cloud Solutions and more. 

Server Hardware

We procure only new hardware as servers run 24/7 and have a life span of around 5 years.


High quality and good stock availability. Fast and efficient server with a server range that is ideal for the SMB client.


More focused on administration and reporting with a fast and efficient operating system designed to operate HP servers.


Windows Software 2019 and Windows Server 2022 supported with our upgrades.


We will upgrade your systems and update all software and operating system to the current levels.

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is a great way to catch problems before they happen.

I.T. Contracts​​

Once the server is up and running we offer 3 levels of support to look after your I.T. needs.


Server Upgrades is always looking into new technologies. Stay up to date with our news section.


P.C. Service Centre will sit down with you and create a plan for you to get the best performance from your I.T. systems.

Why Upgrade my server

Security and Stability

Server hardware becomes outdated as time moves on. The operating system takes advantage of the hardware features. As time goes on, the void between hardware and software becomes too big, so the hardware manufacturer makes new hardware for the software. 

count on us

Upgrading Servers

Server upgrades start with a plan. PC Service Server Upgrades will design a plan to upgrade your servers, desktops and network. We look at the disruption, budget and overall effectiveness of a new system for you and your company.

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The planning process

We will arrange an onsite visit or a remote log onto your system to see what is currently in place and create a customized plan with options.

Network Engineer

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Server 2008 is well out of date. Upgrades of Domains, GPO, and file storage is still possible but time is running out.

Yes, Data security is the most important to PC Service and we run multiple backups and tests before we switch to the new system.

Most likely, PC Service Centre will run tests on the current hardware and will advise at the time of creating the plan.

Security and Stability are the two main  reasons to upgrade. With Ransomware and Malware operating the older software and hardware cannot detect the changes fast enough. 

Yes the complexity revolves around the roles and features associated to the sever.

Depends on the age of the software and your licensing as this could be locked to the old hardware.

Yes, but not limited to. We focus on Server Upgrades and support contracts. Additional services include Printers, Network solutions, Desktop, Cyber Security …

We can upgrade all servers. 

Your server upgrade starts with Planning

Lets get started

ThinkSystem ST550 Tower Server

Enterprise performance and flexibility. Compact footprint.

ThinkSystem ST550 is a 4U tower server that provides the performance and

reliability you expect from the data center, delivered in a package optimized

for office environments.

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