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New Server Hardware

Stay updated with the latest I.T. news on Server Hardware and MTwo I.T. solutions.

New server Hardware

New servers, Rack, and Standalone supplied hardware from leading manufacturers.

We’ve got all your servers covered, including proxy and reverse. We aim to keep your Data your Data.


All new servers have hardware-enforced data security. PC Server Centre offer plans focused on Keeping data safe with Internet security and Data backup solutions.


Servers, Desktops and Networks all talk to each other, With planning and execution, we ensure they do.

Server Talk- All About Servers

Servers are either self-hosted / on-premise or cloud-based servers. Server Hardware is controlled with an operating system like Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX. Servers are designed to have multiple logins and don’t get used as a Desktop but have similar features. Small businesses use servers for multi-user access to company data. Cloud servers take advantage of the internet for connectivity and are susceptible to the security flaws the internet offers.  

ThinkSystem ST550 Tower Server

MTwo Cloud Backup Lenovo ST550 tower servers are quiet and configured to run in raid 0-10 with all the hardware locking and encryption required for today’s servers. This server will run server 2019 and server 2022. recommended for SMB businesses Tech Specs DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS Form

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server 2022 software

Server Hardware

Stay Connected News, Updates, Tips & Tricks Stay up to date with the latest I.T. news and MTwo I.T. solutions. Server Upgrades: solutions for small buseiness networks 01 On Premise A server that you fully control. This solution is widely used in small businesses as

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Microsoft server 2008 / 2008R2

Windows Server 2008 Exploits and Vulnerabilities. Windows Server 2008 Integer UnderFlow Exploit. Integer underflow in Uniscribe—Underflow occurs with array index errors in which the index is negative. Windows APIs that enable typography control and complex script processing—could allow a remote attacker to execute code via

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Keep your Data Your Data with stable and secure Servers and current software.

Microsoft Server 2022, Ubuntu, Mac OS X Server